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Balcony Glazing

The frameless glazing system offers a convenient way for expanding the area of your house. Balcony glazing system protects your balcony from rain, snow, wind and dirt.

Balcony railing

Balcony railings are optimal in quality-price ratio, are not sensitive to precipitation and adverse weather conditions, hardly require any special maintenance, are reliable and durable.

Terrace glazing

Terrace glazing helps to turn terraces into weatherproof useful surfaces, while maintaining the cleanliness of the terraces and keeping away mosquitoes.

Glass partition walls

Glass partition walls create a sense of airiness and are excellent room designers, allowing for the employee's needs as well as the work climate to be taken into consideration. We offer aluminium-framed and full glass partition walls.

Glass roof constructions

We offer glass-aluminium roof constructions for balconies, terraces and on above entrances. Glass roofs on top of balconies and terraces raise value of the building.