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Glass partition walls

KlaasvaheseinadGlass is an excellent solution when you want to divide a room but do not want to make sacrifices in terms of its size or light. Glass partition walls bring more airiness to a room, are ideal for use in designing rooms and make it possible to create a comfortable and practical working environment in an office.  At the same time, the walls also help to increase sound resistance – by closing the sliding door you can have a phone conversation in peace.

  • At work: convenient, soundproof, relocatable
  • At home: invisible wall that creates spaciousness

It is possible to choose between tempered and/or laminated glass, it can be either clear or toned. The
surface of profiles is finished with natural anodisation or powder coating per the RAL colour chart. It is possible to apply decorative films and stickers with different colours, patterns and text (for instance with a company logo) to the panes.

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Alumiiniumraamis klaasvaheseinadAluminium-framed glass partition walls

Aluminium-framed glass partition walls leave an opened feeling in the room, adding stateliness and airiness. Ideally suited for use in offices, separation of retail spaces. With the aid of an interior designer, the elegant application could be used in private houses.

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Full glass partition wallsTäisklaasvahesein

Full glass partition walls form an inseparable part of room design. A partition wall system with a minimum profile leaves almost the entire glass wall area free and makes it possible to create a particularly airy working environment or cosy interior design.

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