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Glazing a terrace adds elegance to your home

Pleasant warm summer evenings with family or friends are no longer in the distant future. People like to spend quality time with their favourite people and maybe even their pets outdoors, especially when the weather is warm and beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather is often quite volatile even during summer. And during rain you have to take your favourite people back indoors. As an excellent solution to this problem, Malmerk Klaasium offers terrace glazing. In addition to their elegant nature, glazed terraces are also extremely practical. In case of bad weather, it is possible to quickly turn your terrace into a weatherproof sanctuary with lots of natural light.

Glazed terraces offer protection from both rain and insects

If you want to enjoy your summer to the fullest without having to worry about bad weather, glazed terraces are just for you. In addition to one of the most annoying problems in our country, which is mosquitoes, glazing your terrace also offers a solution to many other inconveniences. The construction of a glazed terrace is a bit more expensive than an open terrace, but the price of terrace glass certainly does not exceed the value of lost summer experiences.

Enclosed terraces are easier to maintain. With strong winds, branches, leaves, dust or other unnecessary debris can fly onto the terrace. That means that an open terrace has to be cleaned frequently which tends to be annoying. On the other hand, the maintenance of a glazed terrace does not have to be performed so often and is nowhere near as annoying.

Glazed terraces reduce noise. The noise of passing cars, loud children or your neighbour’s lawn mower can spoil the mood of a cosy summer evening. Thus, terraces in and around large cities benefit most from glazing. When living in a noisy area, the built-in terrace offers a blissful and peaceful environment. This type of terrace is a perfect place to gather your thoughts or even meditate.

Glass terraces are cosy even in rainy weather. It is not necessary to move indoors due to bad weather conditions. Malmerk Klaasium 6, 8 or 10 mm thick tempered clear glass protects from both rain and wind. To create an even more cosy atmosphere, the party host can also choose tinted glasses in different colours.

Enclosed terraces are open terraces. Fortunately, there are also many clear and sunny days. In this case, the terrace, which has already been built to be weatherproof, can be unfolded with ease. Framed glasses can be folded to one side of the terrace. We will talk about framed and frameless terrace glass in more detail in the second half of the article.

Pure line or character solution

Malmerk Klaasium represents the two most well-known directions – terrace glazing system with or without frames. If we look at the functionality of both, they don’t make much difference. Rather, the difference lies in the design – you have to set your vision and act on it.

Framed terrace glazing

A sliding system consisting of different modules with frames allows you to open all the glass modules at once and close them to the terrace in one go. With the framed solution, stylish frames run vertically through the glass of the terrace, which adds an elegant look to the terrace. This type of terrace is also very easy to maintain.

Frameless terrace glazing

If you want to keep a more minimalistic or cleaner line in the appearance of the terrace, we recommend that you make your choice in favour of this solution. Also, for this type of system, the view is not limited by vertical frames. However, since the frameless solution does not rest on the ground, the glass is a bit more complicated to install.

More detailed technical data on framed terrace glazing systems can be found here and everything you need for frameless terrace glazing systems is available here.

Tagasi uudiste nimekirja