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Dear request sender!

As you are certainly already aware, on 25 May 2018 the new European General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR entered into force. We believe that the protection of your personal data is very important, which is why we are taking care of making sure that our activities are in line with this regulation and that the way in which we collect, use and share your data is transparent. The goal of this privacy policy is to help you understand:

If you would like us to send you a price offer, we ask for your consent to process the information that you entered in the request form. We process your data with the purpose outlined in the privacy policy and on the following legal bases.

What data we collect about you

The information collected about you depends on the stage of the service as follows:


In the first, request phase, we ask for the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Location of the object (often place of residence for private persons)

In the second phase of the request, we also ask for:

  • Exact address (street, building, apartment, city, state)

In the CONTRACT PHASE we also ask for your:

  • Personal identification code

In addition, our website uses the opportunities provided by Google Analytics, to gather general information about how users reach our website, what they view and search, etc. We do not gather personal data within those activities.

How we use the collected data

We process data based on our own and third parties’ legitimate interests, while implementing the appropriate measures to protect your privacy. That means that we process your data with the following objectives:

  • We use the collected data most for accounting purposes (for example, for invoicing) and entering into a contract. Prior to entering into a contract, we may utilize your personal identification number to verify your payment history if necessary.
  • For quality service provision (including measuring, producing, shipping and installing).
  • For asking feedback about our services and products in the request phase, as well as during the execution of the contract, to develop our products and make service more effective. Also, You give Your consent to use Your contact information for direct marketing. Hence, OÜ Malmerk Klaasium may contact you for marketing purposes using the contact information that You have provided. With this consent we may send You offers, promotions or other information about our products and services as well as customer satisfaction surveys to improve our product and service quality. You have the right at any time to refuse the aforementioned offers or surveys by informing OÜ Malmerk Klaasium by e-mail.
  • For the detection, avoidance or other solution of technical problems with our products.
  • Malmerk Klaasium OÜ, for the protection of the rights, assets or safety of our clients or the general public to the extent required or permitted by law.
  • In a non-identified way to calculate trends and measurements and to assess the development of the company, its products and services.

The main handlers of your data in our company are the sales personnel, the project manager, the measurer, the accountant and the CEO. Other employees involved with the order (production workers, for example) get the order via numbered codes and work numbers.

Whether, how and with whom we share collected data

We share your information outside of Malmerk Klaasium OÜ, if we have good faith in believing that access to the data, its use, storage or publishing is necessary for the following reasons:

  • To follow any applicable laws, regulations, court proceedings or mandatory state orders. We share information with record-keepers (including Creditinfo Eesti AS or any other entity that maintains a payment default register) to uphold the responsible lending principle as required by law or under a contractual agreement. Additionally, this information is used to allow third parties to evaluate your payment history and creditworthiness.
  • To enforce the applicable service conditions, incl. investigating any violations.
  • To detect and prevent fraud or security problems or technical problems, or handle them in any other way.
  • Malmerk Klaasium OÜ, for the protection of the rights, assets or safety of our clients or the general public to the extent required or permitted by law.
  • If needed, with our subcontractors, for the provision of a more integral and rapid service and product installation.

Publicly, with our parent company and partners (advertising companies, subcontractors, suppliers of the accounting software, etc.) we can share information that is not identifiable. For example, we publicly share information to show trends in the general popularity of our products, to send product material supply orders to our subcontractors for filling the client’s order, etc.

How and for how long we store and protect the collected data

We store the collected data in our accounting software and the company’s internal server according to the company’s internal regulations for as short of a time as possible and as long as required by state law (for example, the Accounting Act).

The data that you send us through the website request form, until the client requests the deletion of their data. After that, we can depersonalise the information of the client, so that we retain the option of using the data for statistical analysis and reporting.

If the requests move on to a contract phase, we keep the request as well as the personal data in the contract according to deadlines set out in the Accounting Act.

How you can access and verify your information

To verify the data you have given us, please contact Malmerk Klaasium OÜ at 6599 240 or e-mail at klaasium@malmerk.ee. You will be directed to the employee, whose task it is to ensure compliance with the personal data protection regulation.

How we forward the information that we gather internally within the company

If the need arises to use a subcontractor for the installation of a product, then the minimal necessary personal data will be sent to them in an encrypted form and digital container.

Other important information about privacy

Changes to the privacy policy

From time to time, we may change or supplement our privacy policy. All changes will be published and notified here on this page (text with a yellow background), and more important changes will also be notified on our webpage. Earlier versions will be kept in our server, so if you would like to browse them, please contact us.

Client’s confirmation

I confirm that I have made my personal data available for the company concerned. I have been notified of the fact that I have the right to demand at any time for my data to be updated, to ask about how my data is used, and also cancel the confirmation given here at any moment and demand for my data to be erased.