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Elegant glass railings for the balcony

The balcony is a nice and practical place, where it’s possible to store things, arrange a pleasant stay with the family or (in the case of a glazed balcony) even grow different plants. In addition to its practical nature, the balcony plays another important role. In the architectural point of view, the balcony railings are an important factor in the overall appearance and style of the building. As the balcony railings are the first thing that is seen from the outside. Their style can completely change the look of the building as a whole. High-quality balcony railings make the building look more luxurious and increase its value.

Balcony glazing vs balcony railings

When glazing balconies, the entire balcony will be covered. But with balcony railings only the lower part of the balcony will be covered. Balcony railings are a mandatory element for balconies, which make balconies a safer place, and balcony glazing can be seen as an added value.

Malmerk Klaasium offers balcony railings for every taste

Certainly one of our big goals is to offer versatile solutions. Basically, we categorize our balcony railings into four different types. For fans of minimalist solutions, full glass railings are definitely the best. Glass aluminum railings are very popular, especially for their high durability and unique appearance. Fans of practical solutions prefer rod railings that are easy to install and require almost no maintenance. We are always ready for challenges and we also offer special solutions so that the architect still gets the desired end result.

Glass-aluminum railings

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By combining aluminum and glass, it’s possible to produce very different solutions. Its great advantage is the high strength of the structure. In addition, this style of glass railings has a modern look. The construction of balcony railings is produced from powder-coated aluminum profiles on the basis of the RAL colour catalog. Railing posts are available in two sizes and there are four types of handrails of different styles. We usually use 6 mm and 8 mm tempered glass in our balcony railings. More information about glass-aluminum railings can be found here.

Full glass railings

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Due to its strength, tempered and laminated glass can itself be a supporting element of the balcony railing. Full glass railings are perfect for fans of an open and breathable design. Malmerk Klaasium glass railings have two types of fastening: bottom profile and point fixing. When using a lower profile, practically only the surface of the glass remains visible on the facade, and point-fixed glass borders are installed with stainless steel fastening elements through the openings in the glass. More information about full glass railings here.

Rod railings

Being made entirely out of aluminium, the biggest advantage of the rod railings is its comfort and strength. This type of railing is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. The rod railing frame can be installed both on top and in front of the balcony floor panel. More information about rod railings here.

Railings with special solutions

Despite our wide range of standard offers, special solutions are often desired to achieve the best appearance of the building. As a result, we develop different railing solutions on a daily basis in order to be able to help our customers with projects with special railings. More information about special solutions can be found here.

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