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Custom railing

Malmerk Klaasium as a standard offers glass-aluminium railings, full glass balustrades and rod railings, but there is high demand also for custom railings. Because of that we work on the development of the railing solutions daily in order to be able to help our customers with custom solutions as well. We have experience in producing and mounting the railings with horizontal decorative tubes, load-bearing sheets and balcony plates. Other inquiries for different aluminium railing solutions are also awaited – estimation, about the capability to produce required solution, is done on a project bases.

Railing with horizontal decorative tubes

This solution has mainly two options. One possibility is to rivet 20×20 mm square tubes on the surface of the railing posts. For safety reasons, this railing requires also glass for the inner side of the construction so there is no chance to use horizontal tubes as ladder. Distance between the tubes can be chosen based on the customer’s need. Other possibility for horizontal elements is to use 10 mm stainless steel rods drilled through the railing posts. This solution needs also glass for the inner side of the system for safety matters. Frame constructions of the balcony railings are made of aluminium profiles and powder coated according to the RAL catalogue. Otherwise these railings are similar to usual glass-aluminium railings. It is possible to create similar look also with silk-printed glass, if tubes and rods are not suitable for some reason.

153_klm_glass-in_hor-tube_top_outside 152_klm_glass-in_hor-beam_top_outside

Railing with load-bearing sheet

Next to usual glass-aluminium railings is possible to choose also solutions without glass. For that we use different aluminium load-bearing sheets: straight, sinus, trapezoidal etc. In addition, there are also railings with perforated sheet metal available in the product range. Those sheets can be powder-coated to many different colors based on RAL-catalogue. Thickness of the load-bearing sheets start from 0,7 mm, for perforated sheets from 2,0 mm – thickness depends of the requirements of the projects.


Railing with balcony plate

There are other possibilities next to the previously mentioned solutions without glass. The glass can also be replaced with the facade plate, thicknesses 4, 6 or 8 mm. For this railing solution, same conditions apply and there is as wide range for different versions as presented on the glass-aluminium railing page. Only difference, that has to be taken into consideration in some cases, is a need for extra posts because of the fragility of the balcony plate compared to glass. The facade plates can be painted from inside as well as outside. The balcony plate and glass can be used in the same railing alternately as a design element.

113_klm_plate-out_gap_fascia_outside 113_klm_plate-out_gap_fascia_inside

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Custom railings

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