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Changes in AS Malmerk Fassaadid

Dear business partner/customer,

We are glad to announce that our product development has completed the work on a new high quality balcony glazing system. The new product passed Finnish VTT tests in the end of 2012 and currently the CE-marking is in formalization phase.

In order to focus on the new product’s growth, we have made some changes on the organisational level. The balcony glazing department of AS Malmerk Fassaadid has been separated into a new company OÜ Malmerk Klaasium. Malmerk Klaasium deals with balcony and terrace glazing systems, balcony railings, glass partition walls, sliding doors and glass-aluminium roof constructions whereas AS Malmerk Fassaadid continues mainly with manufacturing and installation of glass-aluminium facades and aluminium doors and windows.

All the signed contracts with AS Malmerk Fassaadid in terms of balcony, terrace and glass partition wall products will be finished under the same company, but all the new contracts (since 1st of February 2013) will be signed already with OÜ Malmerk Klaasium.

Current CEO of AS Malmerk Fassaadid, Andrus Tammo, has moved to the board of Malmerk Group and to the board of both named companies. AS Malmerk Fassaadid new CEO is Tõnis Neilinn.

The CEO of OÜ Malmerk Klaasium is Martin Ojala. Company’s other contacts and team remains unchanged. For awhile, all the contacts can be found under balcony department at www.malmerkfassaadid.ee.

Company details are as follows:
Malmerk Klaasium OÜ
Reg no. 12415120
KMKR: EE101609135
Account no 221056724494 Swedbank
IBAN: EE 052 200 221 056 724 494

Best regards,
AS Malmerk Fassaadid and OÜ Malmerk Klaasium

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