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What type of glasses are recommendable to be used for the railings? Why?

Malmerk Klaasium recommends to always use at least laminated glass for the railings, because it is more safe if in any reason the glass should break. The laminate holds the broken glass in one piece and does not let broken glass to fall down from the balcony. Tempered and laminated glass is even more safe. When choosing the glass tone we recommend to have opaque solution, otherwise in residential buildings people start to cover the transparent glass and in the end it will change the appearance of the facade.

RAL colors

What is the selection of profile colours?

Standard tones are white RAL9010, dark brown RAL8019 and dark grey RAL7016. It is possible to select other tones from the RAL catalogue.

Is it possible to mount the balcony glazing system on top of the railings?

Yes, our glass-aluminium and rod railings are designed so that later it is possible to mount balcony glazing systems on top of those.

Do you offer also full glass balustrades?

Yes, we have different full glass balustrade solutions in our product range. Read more at full glass balustrade.

Do you glaze also existing railing frame constructions?

Yes, if it is possible to glaze the railing. Not all the railings have a possibility to be covered with glasses.

Do you offer other materials to cover the railings (e.g. PC plastic plates)?

Normally we use glass for covering the railings. In exceptional cases (and for smaller surfaces) we offer also PC plastic plates. Nevertheless we recommend glass – it is stronger, more durable and the end result is more beautiful.

What kind of mounting surface is needed for the railings?

The best mounting surface is concrete floor with a sufficient thickness. It is possible to fix railings also to other surfaces, but this requires a prior review and evaluation by the master.