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Instruction manual


1320232647The frameless balcony glazing system consists of upper and lower aluminum steering profiles and tempered glass panels with rollers. The construction of rollers and profiles allows the glass panels to be moved between the profiles one after another.

To open the first glass panel, the lower handle has to be opened with one hand while simultaneously using the other hand to open the child lock located above. Pull the string downwards and open the first glass panel 90 degrees to the inside.

The first glass panel can also be used for ventilation only by using the ventilation position holder and locking the panel with locking pin in the second or third hole.


1320232646The next glass panel can be moved into the place of the first panel of glass and once again turned 90 degrees to the inside. Do not use force while moving the glass panes. (If there are any difficulties with opening the glass panes, maintenance should be done).

The upper and lower roller attached to the glass panels will come through the opening holes in the steering profiles. The opening of the next glass panels can be done in the same manner.


Klaaside avamineIn general, the glass panels can be opened as pages of a book inside the balcony and the balcony can be fully opened.

When having all the glass panels opened, fasten them together with a “wall link” to prevent accidents caused by wind (in some cases this fixing is attached to the ceiling or to the lower steering profile).

In order to close the balcony glazing system, do the previously mentioned steps in the reverse order and push the opening handle back to the closed position.

When leaving the house, the glass panels and the lowe opening handle lock must be in the closed position.

Maintenance manual

1320232644It is easy to wash the glasses from inside when they are in the closed position and from outside when they are 90 degrees opened. The glasses can be washed with normal domestic glass cleaning detergents which do not contain alcohol.

The lower steering profile should be cleaned from inside of the accumulated dust and dirt at least once a year. Washing of the profiles with a damp cloth is sufficient for external maintenance.

Balcony Glazing Instruction and Maintanance Manual PDF