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RAL colorsWhat is the selection of profiles and glasses?

Selection of aluminium profiles is based on the needs of the specific project (roof rafters 50×50, 100×50 and/or 150×50 square tubes), choice of colors according to RAL-catalogue. Selection of glasses: clear, tinted bronze and tinted grey. Thickness of the glass from 6 mm.

Do you also glaze existing roof constructions?

Yes, we mount glasses also for existing roof constructions.

Do you offer roof constructions also from other materials than aluminium (bearing structure of wood, metal / PC plastic plates instead of glass)?

Malmerk Klaasium is manufacturing and mounting only glass-aluminium constructions and glass canopies.

In addition to glass roof I would like to have also balcony glazing system. What solution can you offer?

Above the balconies we always mount only glass roof with welded aluminium frame, which ensures that later balcony glazing system can be added without any problems. Welded frame gives necessary rigidity and strength for the roof.

Do you offer also glass canopies?

Yes, in our product range we have also glass canopies fixed with stainless-steel tension rods. Read more here.

What should be taken into account for the mounting surface of the balcony roof?

It is very important to know how thick is the material where the roof will be attached to and what material it is. If apartment house has a plan to winterize the building, it is recommendable to mount the balcony roofs first. Later it is much more complex, because in order to get to the suitable mounting surface the heat insulation has to be cut open.

We would like to mount glass canopy above the entrance. What should be taken into consideration?

Glass canopy with tension rods requires solid concrete mounting surface. For mounting the canopy, there has to be a possibility to have access to the installation site by car. Above the glass roof should not be a possibility for icicles to fall directly on it. It is important to know that there will be a small gap between the wall and the glass (few millimeters) and therefore, together with our master, proper solution has to be found in order to fill this gap in order to ensure water tightness. It needs to be done based on the projects peculiarity.