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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection of profile colours?RAL colors

Standard tones are white RAL 9010, dark brown RAL 8019 and light grey RAL 9006. It is possible to select other tones from the RAL catalogue. Plastic details are black.

What type of glasses can be used in the system?

It is possible to use the following type of tempered glass panes:

  • 6, 8 & 10 mm clear glass;
  • 6, 8 & 10 mm tone glass – bronze and grey glass.

Why standard price cannot be given for a glazed balcony?

There is no such thing as a standard balcony. Every balcony is slightly different even in the same residential building. In order to be able to make a quotation it is necessary to fill in the offer form (find it here) or send us balcony measures (height and length) and type.

To what degree is the balcony protected from wind and rain?

A glazed balcony is sufficiently protected from unfavourable weather conditions. In the event of the confluence of certain unfavourable conditions, water may find its way onto the balcony. These conditions are a strong wind that changes direction, storms, and a strong side wind with rain. If you plan to furnish or do some inner decoration in your balcony, previously mentioned aspects should be taken into consideration.

Can the gaps be closed between the glasses?

Between two glasses can be used weather strips that help to protect the balcony from wind and rain even more. It is recommendable to remove the weather strips during the summertime in order to extend their durability.

Is the balcony glazing system heat-proof?

The frameless balcony glazing system is comprised of cold aluminium profiles and the single glass pane moving between them. A glazed balcony cannot be made into a heated room and the temperature on the balcony will not correspond with the temperature in the apartment.

To what degree does the glass keep out exterior noise?

Balcony glaszing reduces the amount of street noise entering the balcony by an average of 10-14 dB. (Tests of noise resistance:  Rw = 20 dB (ISO140-4:1998, ISO717-1:2013); Dw = 10-14 dB (RIL192-2003)).In order to achieve maximum sound dampening of the product, sounds transmitting through other structures and communications must be minimized. Read more

Do you offer maintenance for the balcony glazing system?

Yes, we do offer maintenance for the balcony glazing systems that are installed by us.
Maintenance should definitely be performed if for some reason the glasses are very hard to move or do not move at all. It is important not to use force when moving the glasses as this way many plastic details can break.

1320232644How can the glasses be washed?

The internal and external surfaces of the glass can be washed directly from the balcony, as the opened glass panes surfaces remain on the balcony. Use domestic cleansers for washing.

What is the strength of tempered glass?

6 mm tempered glass panes break under 425 MP of pressure, while standard non-tempered glass panes break under 150 MP of pressure.

How strong wind can the system handle?

Malmerk Klaasium bacony glazing system has been tested with wind speed 55 m/s.

  • 13 m/s strong wind
  • 24 m/s storm
  • 32 m/s hurricane
  • 55 m/s successfully passed wind speed test.

Is it possible to use laminated glass in the construction?

No, it is not. In the system offered by us, it is possible to use only toughened glass.

How many glasses can be opened to one side of the balcony?

Optimal is to open 7 glasses on one side of the balcony, maximum can be 9 glasses.

Can the balcony glazing system be also opened from outside?

Balcony glazing system cannot be opened from outside, because it is locked with latch and children safety lock from inside. Moreover, the glass panes are fixed with rollers inside the profile and open only inside. The system does not require any other locking.